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Turbo Blowers

User friendly HMI!

Easy control system for convenient use

Provides a convenient, bright, easy-to-use, informative color operation screen. Supports regular software updates.
Our turbo blowers can be used freely with regard to air speed and pressure.
Multiple language support
We will support your language.
Support for turbo blower data management function Operation data, error data, environment data.
Our advantages!

A variety of products with
a wide operational range

We offer products with a variety of flow rates and pressures, allowing for selection of the optimal product.
Customers can choose from products with a wide variety of horsepowers. Please inquire if there are functions, uses,
or environments which are specialized or not listed among the specifications. We can produce and deliver customized products.
Turbo Blowers

application areas

Convenient to maintain and easy to use. Environmentally friendly systems which do not
use oil or grease and are low-noise and vibration-free. You can receive fast, accurate technical support.
A variety of
water treatment systems
· Providing air to sewage treatment / wastewater treatment aeration tanks
· Providing air to aeration tanks for livestock waste and hygienic processing
· Water purification plant backwash
· Liquid fertilizer storage and manufacturing facilities
Providing pressurized air for
manufacturing facilities
· Fuel cell charging facilities
· Powder, fillets, cement, etc.
· Various materials and powder transport
· Providing oxygen to incinerators and fermentation tanks
· Drying semiconductors and displays, etc.
· Air knives, air nozzles, etc.
A replacement for
lowefficiency equipment
· Roots blowers and ring blowers
· Rotary blowers
· Multiplying gear-type turbo blowers
· Screw compressors
· As a replacement for various air compressor device
Water treatment facilities
Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities and livestock sludge treatment facilities Aeration and oxygen dissolution for wastewater (mineral breeding)
Transportation facilities
Transportation of cement materials and chemicals and other industries
Fuel cell charging facilities
Providing oxygen, providing compressed air, ventilation, cooling, etc.
Providing oxygen to fermentation tanks, etc.
Providing oxygen to fermentation tanks in food production facilities / Providing oxygen for manure fermentation facilities
Transportation of cement materials and chemicals, etc. Other industries
Air supercharging for boilers, etc., heat control, oxygen control
Oxygen supply
Fish farms, aquaculture, seafood storage
Electrolytic tanks
Back washing