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Turbo blower core technology

We use optimized components.
We use proprietary design and production of core components to increase safety and reliability.
We use reliable technology to produce dependable, efficient products.
High-efficiency turbo blowers
· Proprietary design based on complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
· Impellers optimized through flux analysis
· Maximized aerodynamic characteristics
· Increased wear resistance and corrosion resistance · Long life cycle
· Reduced maintenance costs
High-efficiency air bearing system
Uses the air barrier which forms between the axle and bearings during high-speed rotation in a contactless system with no friction on the axle during rotation, maximizing efficiency. A 100% oil-free, contact-free method which does not require lubricating oil to be used with the device without loss of power and without vibration or noise. These environmentally-friendly air bearings provide reliability and a long lifespan.
Artificially intelligent control and safety systems
Our control system uses a simple, optimized design to increase reliability. It is also safe during changes in pressure. It reacts quickly throughout the entire operating range, making it easy for our customers to use. It provides a real-time monitoring function to prevent malfunctions.
high-speed inverter systems
Rotational speed is controlled with motor current, without the need for a variable vane mechanism. Motor current-based inverter control allows for a simple design and high reliability. Our inverters are safe during changes in pressure and react quickly throughout the entire operating range. To prevent a shutdown in the event of a sudden change in pressure, all parameters are monitored continuously in real time.
High efficiency,
high-speed PM motors
By using high-efficiency design and an optimized system, these motors produce less heat than typical motors and have higher stability, allowing for economical operation. Because a PM motor is directly connected to a turbo impeller, these vibration-free/low-noise systems have no loss of power. Specialized heat production control technology is used so that less heat is produced than by typical motors. Unlike with competing products, even high-horsepower products use air cooling.
Easy operation,
simple installation

High-efficiency, energy-saving turbo blowers!

Unlike conventional Roots blowers, turbo blowers use air bearings, serially connected technology, high-efficiency impellers, and ultra-high-speed motors to provide groundbreaking reductions in energy consumption and maximum economic benefits. With simple maintenance, convenient touchscreen operation, and an oil-free system, these systems allow for continuous oil-free operation, low noise, and no vibration! By using environmentally friendly systems and cutting-edge patented technology, they offer groundbreaking environmental improvements to the use area.
Artificially intelligent real-time monitoring systems
· Real-time display of the attachment status of the intake filter
· Discharge pressure and discharge speed
· Air intake temperature and discharge temperature
· High-speed PM motor RPM
· Real-time monitoring of power consumption
· Operation time
· Error codes and error history
· Operation data and real-time visualization
Easy operation and convenient installation
· Convenient installation in an integrated package (the inverter, control system, and pressurization system are combined in a single package)
· Reduced construction costs
· Fewer management points
· Simple maintenance
· Convenient touchscreen operation
· Oil-free system allowing for continuous operation
Support for
communication functions
Creation of a monitoring system and available connections for a variety of peripheral devices


Use of high-efficiency,
high-speed inverters
· Rotational speed is controlled with motor current
· No need for a variable vane mechanism
· Efficient control to minimize loss of power to the motor
· Motor current-based inverter control offers a simple design and high reliability
· Our inverters handle changes in pressure safely, with fast response throughout the entire operating range
· Continuous real-time monitoring of all parameters to prevent sudden changes in pressure and shutdowns


Application of cutting-edge packaging technology
· Low-noise operation of 85 dB or lower and vibration-free
· Design of a high-efficiency system for groundbreaking reductions in energy consumption, providing maximum economic benefits
· Unlike with competing products, even high-horsepower products use air cooling
· Specialized heat production control technology is applied for low production of heat, unlike other turbo blowers